The movie of the “Manga artist father X daughter” story that is filled with laughter, affection, and a bit emotional scenes, called “Kakushigoto Movie” has been decided. The released date was announced to be on July 9, 2021, and the teaser visual & teaser video were released as well.

“Kakushigoto Movie” is a work to commemorate Kumeda Kouji in the manga industry for 30 years. This movie is a compilation of the TV anime “Kakushigoto” with additional scenes and it will depict another ending that was not shown in the TV anime.

The teaser visual is a cut-scene of the 18 years old Hime taken from the teaser video.

“Kakushigoto Movie” will be released in July 2021 in Japan’s nationwide theatres.

(C) Kumeda Kouji, Kodansha/ Kakushigoto Movie Production Committee