To commemorate the release of “Kakushigoto Movie”, the stage greeting was held on July 10 in Tokyo Metropolitan. The stage greeting featured the original author Kumeta Kouji and the director Nomura Yuuta, who continue his role from the TV anime. They had a “messy” in a good way and in-depth talk during this event. Kumeta said “I have never been this grateful to the voice actor as much as today” with a wry smile and it received a great applause from the fans.

Kumeta has appeared on the greeting with a similar “clothing” as the main protagonist Kakushi Gotou. After director Nomura teased him with “You’re cosplaying right?”, Kumeta replied with “I’m not cosplaying” while mumbling “I was told (by the staff) on ‘Kumeta-sensei are you going to wear clothes?’ ”

“Kakushigoto Movie” is a compilation of the TV anime with additional scenes. During the TV anime broadcast, the initial idea was to end both the TV anime and original manga of “Kakushigoto” at the same time, but director Nomura revealed, “The last episode of the TV anime was supposed to be broadcast right after the original manga had ended, but I have received a message saying ‘Kumeta-sensei is unable to finalize it yet”… This made me worry as the anime is progressing smoothly… Because of this, the TV anime won’t be ending yet…”

When director Nomura mentioned “It’s so unfair. I also want to depict the mother in the TV anime as well!”, Kumeta-sensei replied to his statement with “But, because of that we are getting a film, so all is well.” Then, director Nomura further elaborated with “If only Kumeta-sensei had followed the timeline properly, then we won’t be doing this film”.

In the end, director Nomura commented “I’m sorry for this stage greeting to be like a predictable road accident (Wry Smile). Sorry for being so messy. As it was just released, it would make me happy if you could watch it 1 or 2 more times in the theatres.”

After the comments from Kumeta saying “After figuring out that this work had become quite an emotional work after removing all the comedy scene as if it is denying my 30 years of a manga artist on comedy manga, I found out the new approach where if all the bad parts of my other works are removed, it might become an emotional work as well. Thank you so much for coming today”, the stage greeting had ended with the all-out “Kumeta Time”.

“Kakushigoto Movie” Celebration! Release Commemoration’s Stage Greeting was held on July 10, 2021 (Saturday) and it featured Kumeta Kouji and director Nomura Yuuta.

(C) Kumeta Kouji, Kodansha/ Kakushigoto Movie Production Committee