Netflix Anime Festival 2020, which will present the latest information on anime titles to be distributed by Netflix from late 2020 to 2021 to the world, will be streamed live for free for the first time on Oct. 27, 2020. The program will include talk shows by voice actors such as Kimura Ryohei, Ueda Rena, Moroboshi Sumire and Suwabe Junichi, as well as live performances by artists such as GRANRODEO, TRUE and OTMGirls.

‘Netflix’ has held the ‘Anime Lineup Presentation’ every year since 2017 to bring together the latest information on hot anime titles, but this year’s fourth edition, titled ‘Netflix Anime Festival 2020’, will be the first free live streaming in consideration of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Anyone can participate in this event through the ‘Netflix Japan’ official YouTube account.

The first part, “Netflix Anime Lineup Presentation”, will feature model Uchida Rio, who is known as a passionate fan of anime, as a special supporter and will present the latest information on “Netflix” anime.
The CG drama series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, “Eden” directed by Irie Yasuhiro, the director of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST”, “Spriggan”, the first anime adaptation of the legendary comic, and many other new titles will also be announced.

In the first part, David Production producer Tanaka Shuichiro and “Thermae Romae” creator Yamazaki Mari will be invited as guests to talk about the current status of domestic anime production and the future work with “Netflix”.

In the second part, ‘Netflix Anime Grand Appreciation Festival’, comedian Tenshinu Mukai, who is a fan of anime, will be the host and there will be a talk event by voice actors including Kimura Ryohei, Ueda Lena, Moroboshi Sumire and Suwabe Junichi, in addition to answering questions on SNS using the hashtag ‘#Netflix Animefest Voice Actor ni Question’.

On top of that, there will be live performances by GRANRODEO, who has worked on the opening theme song of “Baki” Death Row Convict Arc, TRUE, who impressed many anime fans with the theme song of “Violet Evergarden”, and OTMGirls, an idol group that appeared in “Aggressive Rageshi” and has received a great response from overseas.
This is a project to enjoy “Netflix” anime from various angles.

Netflix Anime Festival 2020 will broadcast “[Part 1] Netflix Anime Lineup Announcement” on Oct. 27, 2020 from 10:00A. M. to 12:00 P. M. and “[Part 2] Netflix Anime Appreciation Festival” from 08:30 P. M. to 10:00 P. M. on the official YouTube account of “Netflix Japan”.