The 1st volume of “Haisha-san, Atattemasu! (Dentist-San, Your Breasts Are Touching Me!)”, which is being serialized in ‘Shonen Jump+’, will be published on Oct. 2, 2020. The PV, where Ono Kenshou and Yasumoto Hiroki are playing the characters, has been released to commemorate the publication.

“Haisha-san, Atattemasu!” is a Gokudou-dental comedy manga, featuring Kurosumi Takuma, a legendary Gokudou(Yakuza, gang), who is called “Fudou no Kurosumi(unyielding Kurosumi)” in the underground community, and Shirayuki Tomori, a beautiful dentist, who treats him like a toilet, and calls him ‘shit’.

When its non-serial edition was published, ‘dentist’ d became the top trend on Twitter. The view count exceeded 2.8 million, which is the best of the non-serial editionss published on ‘Shonen Jump+’ so far.

Shirayuki Tomori has many secrets, and there occurs gaps in the conversation between the characters. This work features surreal jokes created from such a conversation. Let’s pay attention to how Ono and Yasumoto are playing. Comments from Yamazaki Shou, the original author, have also arrived.

The author Yamazaki Shou
The 1st volume will be published on Fri., Oct.2.
I really appreciate the support from all of you.
Thank you very much.
I drew 11 pages of original manga.
Please enjoy it.

(C)Yamazaki Shou / Shueisha