The manga artist “Yabuki God”, also known as Yabuki Kentarou (know for “To LOVE Ru”, “BLACK CAT”, etc.) has announced his latest work “Ayakashi Triangle” in “Weekly Shounen Jump” Vol. 28, release on Jun. 15, 2020. At the same time when the serialization started, the word “TS Yuri” had become a trend in Twitter which cause it to become a hot topic.

“Ayakashi Triangle” is a new work by Yabuki-sensei since 11 years ago and is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump”.
In the first chapter, because of the “TS (transsexual)” development as the male character becomes a female and the love comedy romance between two females, the word “TS Yuri” can be seen everywhere in Twitter, which caused it to become a trend in Twitter.

Some of the feedback received are : “After approximately 10 hours of 'the quick development where the protagonist encounter a TS situation right from the beginning' caused by Yabuki-sensei's latest Jump's serialization, there were a lot of various opinions on the TL such as 'to think that such a thing will happen', 'it seem like something Yabuki God would do', 'the drawing of the licentiousness demon extermination ninja from Jump ', 'the battle revolving the TS Yuri has started….', and ''why didn't they use a Shota protagonist instead'.”, “As this is a new work from Yabuki-sensei, I believe there are some who think that it will be like To LOVE Ru but it was quite unexpected that that the 2 panels used to explain TS Yuri's female transformation, would be serialized. It was quite a surprise”, “I hope that Yabuki-sensei's latest serialization would become popular as it is possible the the healthy young boy readers of Jump prefer TS Yuri Love Comedy.”

It has been 11 years since Yabuki God serialization on “Weekly Shounen Jump”. Do look forward to future chapters on the development of this new work.