The subject of episode 11 of the NHK anime project to promote para-sports “ANI X PARA – Who is your hero?” will be wheelchair basketball, and drawn in collaboration with the manga “DEAR BOYS”.

Episode11 ‘Wheelchair Basketball x DEAR BOYS’ is a collaboration work with basketball manga by Yagami Hiroki.
Mori Yoshiki, a first year student of Shonan University Sagami High School’s basketball club, was scolded by the captain of the club, Fuse Ayumi , during practice, and when he was feeling miserable, he met Nakamura Rin, who was practicing wheelchair basketball, and decided to challenge him. ……

This work features first time voice actor Sugino Yousuke as Mori Yoshiki, actress Iitoyo Marie as Nakamura Rin, and voice actor Sugita Tomokazu as Fuse Ayumi.
It was also decided that the theme song artist will be Miura Daichi.

Episode 11 of “ANI X PARA – Who is your hero?” “Wheelchair Basketball x DEAR BOYS” will be broadcast on BS11 from 18:45 on Oct. 18, 2020.

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Sugino Yousuke

I never thought I’d be able to get involved with basketball, which I’ve been involved with for so many years, in this way.

This was my first time bringing a character to life with my voice, so it was a great learning experience to learn a different approach to expression. I was able to genuinely enjoy the experience.

I hope you can feel the pure emotions I had as a student. Unfortunately, the Paralympics have been postponed, but I’m looking forward to the day when I can see the athletes shining and having fun!

Iitoyo Marie

When I saw the animation for this anime, I was surprised to see that they were able to perform such an amazing feat.

I play the role of a female athlete who takes on difficult challenges.
I hope that people can relate to the way she tries her best to grow up.

The Paralympics have been postponed for a year, but I hope that people will be encouraged by this animation.

Miura Daichi

I made an enjoyable song based on the theme this time of wheelchair basketball.

The song “Not Today” expresses the shivering excitement of athletes and the inverse proportion to the calmness of their minds as we try to imagine what they might be thinking right before a game.
I hope you will enjoy it along with the wonderful animation.

(C) Yagami Hiroki, Kodansha and NHK
(C) Saito Daisha