The apparel and style book from the brand “yip yip”, produced the voice actress, Kobayashi Aika who is famous for her role as Tsushima Yoshiko (“Love Live! Sunshine!!”) and also active as a singer, will be on sale at the general fashion site “MAGASEEK” for a limited period until Feb. 28.

“yip yip” is a brand started by the partnership between the voice actress Kobayashi Aika and Gyoba Yumi, the project designer of the fashion brand “didizizi”.
It was created with the idea of want to finding items, “Want to be together every day” with the concept of “filled with fun and playful feeling”.

The item on sales are; an oversizedoversize BIG hoodie with the design of Kobayashi peeking out behind the Kuma-san (bear), pants and skirts with a 2-way specification between the chic look and the slight purple design by opening or closing the fastener. Other than that, the sacoche bag with “yip yip” tape logo decoration, backpack and the style book that is filled with Kobayashi obsession, which made up a total of 6 items.