As a sales commemoration of “My Girl vol.29” with the cover page of Kobayashi Aika, a photo exhibition will be held in Harajuku, Tokyo from Feb. 26 to Mar. 8, 2020. This exhibition will consists of photos of photo taken for the magazine and also unrevealed photos as well.

This photo exhibition “Kobayashi Aika Photo Exhibition in FUJIFILM WONDER PHOTO SHOP” is held as a sales commemoration for the approximately 35 pages of the special article on Kobayashi in “My Girl vo.29”.
In this exhibition, photos such as a natural look in the white T-shirt and the ennui expression in the blue one-piece, and also the true expression while relaxing at a set-meals only restaurant or a standing pub which does not “look” like her, are prepared.

Moreover, in the venue of the photo exhibition, the pre-order for Fuji Film's wall decoration new service “WALL DECOR” (frame picture panel) is planned to be held.

“Kobayashi Aika Photo Exhibition in FUJIFILM WONDER PHOTO SHOP” will start on Feb. 26 (which is the release date of Kobayashi's major debut single “NO LIFE CODE”) until Mar. 8, 2020 at FUJIFILM WONDER PHOTO SHOP in Harajuku, Tokyo.

“My Girl vol.29″'s sales date is Feb. 21.

Photo by Takahiro Otsuji(go relax E more)