NHK has announced that the broadcast for “To Your Eternity” will be delayed to Apr. 2021 from the original schedule of Oct. 2020. The reason for the delay is due to the Novel Coronavirus.

“To Your Eternity” is based on the fantasy manga that is currently serialized on “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. The young boy, Fushi, who used to be a “sphere” that was thrown to the Earth, started to grow as a human through learning the survival techniques from various people and understanding the heartwarming emotions. After a fierce fight with his destined rival, Nokka, he got separated from the people he cares about. It depicts him going through the decision he make and live vigorously while enduring the pain.

It was decided that Kawajima Reiji, Hisaka Rie, Saiga Mitsuki, and Tsuda Kenjirou will be casted.

“To Your Eternity” is scheduled to be broadcast from Apr. 2021

(C)Ooima Yoshitaka, Kodansha/NHK・NEP