Tsugaru-jamisen × youth story “Mashiro no Oto” will become a TV anime. It will be broadcast from Apr., 2021. Along with the announcement, the teaser visual and PV have been released. In addition, it has been decided thatShimazaki Nobunaga will play the role of the protagonist Sawamura Setsu. Shimazaki and the author Ragawa Marimo have left some comments below.

“Mashiro no Oto” is based on the comic by Ragawa Marimo, which has been serialized on “Monthly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha).
The protagonist Sawamura Setsu has been unable to play the Tsugaru-jamisen since the death of Sawamura Matsugorou, who is his grandfather and a legendary Tsugaru-jamisen player. He has lost his “favorite sound” and come to Tokyo without any definite aim. However, a woman that works at a hostess club , Tachiki Yuna, saved him, and she led him to play the Tsugaru-jamisen for an opening performance. Setsu gradually started to find his sound….
The main staff of the TV anime include Akagi Hiroaki as director, Kato Youichi as story-editor, Majima Jirou as character designer, Yoshida Brothers as Tsugaru-jamisen supervisors, and SHIN-EI ANIMATION as anime producer.

The teaser visual features the protagonist Sawamura Setsu playing the Tsugaru-jamisen at a live house, which well represents this title. Furthermore, the teaser PV features Setsu playing in search of his sound after he left Aomori and came to Tokyo. Let's look forward to more details to be released on the official website.

TV anime “Mashiro no Oto” will be broadcast from Apr., 2021.

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Shimazaki Nobunaga (as Sawamura Setsu)

Q1. What is your impression of this work?

The protagonist Sawamura Setsu growing up as an individual and a Tsugaru-jamisen player is really interesting. I was deeply moved as I personally sympathize with him as an actor. His enchanting Tsugaru-jamisen performance is also interesting.

Q2. Could you tell us about your impression of the role you play and enthusiasm for it?

In short, he is a genuine genius, who has been broght up in the countryside. Please look forward to how he will become after comming to Tokyo and meeting many people.

The author Ragawa Marimo

The scene of playing the Tsugaru-jamisen and its sound will be the hardest parts to make Mashiro no Oto into an anime. How are they going to be? I think it is a challenging anime. I'm really excited!

(C)Ragawa Marimo・Kodansha/Mashiro no Oto Production Committee