From the TV anime “To Your Eternity” (currently airing), the cast members of the new characters appearing in the “Takunaha Arc” have been announced. The new cast members are Shiraishi Ryoko, Iwami Manaka, Abe Atsushi, and Tone Kentaro.

“To Your Eternity” is based on a fantasy of the same title serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Oima Yoshitoki, a manga artist known for “A Silent Voice.”
It depicts how Fushi, “a ball” that is thrown into Earth and has “the ability to change into the shape of whatever it is stimulated by”, as well as “the ability to regenerate after death,” grows by transforming himself from a ball to a stone, a wolf, and a boy by mimicking a human.

Four new characters and cast members have been announced for the “Takunaha Arc”.
Shiraishi Ryoko will play as Gugu, Iwami Manaka will play as Rean, Abe Atsushi will play as Shin, and Tone Kentaro will play as Booze Man.

“To Your Eternity” airs every Monday at 10:50 p.m. on NHK E-TV.

<The full text of the comments is below>
Shiraishi Ryoko as Gugu

I am Shiraishi Ryoko, and played as Gugu.
I talked forever in the limited number of episodes. He is a very cute and adorable.
I’d like you to watch how Fushi and Gugu meet and how they change.
I really wanted to convey Gugu’s past and the feelings he has, and I tried my best to keep the original story in mind.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Iwami Manaka as Rean

I wanted to be involved in “To Your Eternity” since I read the original story, so I was really happy when I was chosen to play as Rean.
Rean is from a wealthy family with a bit of a naive side, but I think she is a very pure and kind-hearted girl.
I played the role carefully and respectfully so as not to lose the delicate flow of her feelings.
Thank you!

Abe Atsushi as Shin

I will be playing as Shin, Gugu’s big brother.
He looks refreshing, but he’s peculiar!
Please look forward to it!

Tone Kentaro as Booze Man

To Your Eternity is my favorite work that makes me laugh, cry, think about life and death, and I get moved every time I read it.
During that time, I felt the cheerfulness and warmth of home in the aloof personality of Booze Man.
He is an eccentric, though (laughs).
I hope that through my role, I can witness the growth of Fushi, Gugu, and the others with you.

(C) Oima Yoshitoki, Kodansha/NHK, NEP