The anime project of “Good Bye Cramer”, the youth story by Arakawa Naoji, the mangaka known for “Your Lies in April”, has been announced. The project visual and teaser have been revealed. Shimabukuro Miyuri, Wakayama Shion, Uchiyama Kouki, Oosaka Ryouta, and others are announced as the casts and the movie adaptation & TV anime will be released on Apr. 2021.

“Good Bye Cramer” is the manga by “Your Lies in April”'s Arakawa Naoji, and it is about the “girls' soccer”.
The female protagonist, Onda Nozomi used to play soccer with the boys since she was young but after entering middle school, she encounters the obstacle known as “physical”.
It a youth story that depicts her struggle on the boys’ soccer club for the middle school arc and the high school arc that shows her aiming for the top of the girls’ soccer.

The anime projects will be split into the middle school arc shown through the movie “Good Bye Cramer – First Touch” and the high school arc shown through the TV anime “Good Bye Cramer”.
The captions “The things I can do now” that depict the struggle in the boys' soccer club during middle school and the appearance of Nozomi along with the teammates, whom she played with, from the high school girls soccer club can be seen from the project visual.

Along with that, the cast has been announced as well.
The protagonist, Onda Nozomi will be voiced by Shimabukuro Miyuri, Echizen Sawa (Nozomi's friend) will be voiced by Wakayama Shion, Yamada Tetsu and Takei Kaoru from the boys’ soccer club will be voiced by Uchiyama Kouki and Oosaka Ryouta respectively. Onda Junpei (Nozomi's younger brother) will be voiced by Shiraishi Ryouko, Samejima Kouzou (coach of the boys’ soccer club) will be voiced by Yusa Kouji and Tani Yasuaki, who started soccer due to Nozomi's influence, will be voiced by Tsuchiya Shinba.

The movie “Good Bye Cramer – First Touch” will be released nationwide on Apr. 2021, and the TV anime “Good Bye Cramer” will start on Apr. 2021

<Below are the full commentaries>
Shimabukuro Miyuri (Voice of Onda Nozomi)

-What's your impression of this work?

I started reading the original manga when I was accepted for the audition, but the delicate psychological description and the lively arts had attracted me, and I ended up being immersed in it as I continue to flip the pages.

The strength and beauty of gambling one's “youth” for a single thing. I am unable to take my eye away from the dazzling characters that didn't give up regardless of the situations and continue growing.

-What's your impression of the character and your enthusiasm?

I think that she is quite an honest girl. She continues to do her best without leaving out anything and it won't be meaningless as she enjoyed playing soccer more than anyone. Just by looking at her, it makes me feels optimistic unconsciously.

I had attended the audition with the thoughts of “I want to voice Onda!”, and I am being split apart by the happiness and anxiousness right now. I will do my best so that I can return the power that I obtained from this manga and Onda Nozomi through the voice of Onda Nozomi.

(C) Arakawa Naoji, Kodansha/ 2021 “Good Bye Cramer the Movie” Production Committee (C) Arakawa Naoji, Kodansha/ Good Bye Cramer Production Committee