From the TV anime “To Your Eternity”, the outline and scenes from Episode 7 “Kawaritai Shounen” (The Boy Who Wants to Change) have been released.

“To Your Eternity” is based on the fantasy manga with the same title serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Ooima Yoshitoki, the manga writer famous for “A Silent Voice”.
Fushi was sent to Earth as a “Sphere”. It has the ability to “take on the shape of whatever leaves a strong impression on it” and “coming back to life after death”, and from the sphere, it turns into a rock, a wolf, and a boy, and grows by imitating a human.

Episode 3 is titled “Kawaritai Shounen”.
Fushi and Pioran reach Takunaha. There they meet Gugu, a boy with a mask, who hides his true face since an incident that happened three months ago and lives with the Booze Man as a servant.
Gugu feels a connection with the mysterious Fushi…

TV anime “To Your Eternity” Episode 7 “Kawaritai Shounen” was broadcast on NHK E-tele on May 24, 2021.

(C) Ooima Yoshitoki, Kodansha / NHK, NEP