It has been decided that the broadcast of the TV anime series”NOBLESSE”, based on the WEB comic, which has a cumulative total of over 4.6 billion views worldwide, will be startfrom Oct. 7, 2020. At the same time, new visuals, new characters and cast information, and video comments for the Japanese fans from the theme song artists Kim Jae Joong and OH MY GIRL were also released.

“NOBLESSE” is a Korean dark action fantasy comic, which tells a story about various characters with absolute power – “NOBLESSE”, modified human of the mysterious organization “Union”, and the “Nobles”.
Cadis Etrama Di Raizel is a “NOBLESS”, the protectors of the nobles with noble blood and spirit. He wakes up from the 820-year sleep and starts to attend a junior high school as a student and enjoyed a peaceful life for the first time.
However, the modified humans of “Union” are after him, and his peaceful everyday life is over…

The new visuals released this timehas the main protagonist Raizel in the center with his servant, Frankenstein, on the right side, and the experimental modified human from “Union”, M-21, is on the left side.
Behind them, we see Raizel's classmates Tashiro Yusuke and Kase Manabu, along with Regis K. Landegre and Seira J. Loyard, which had been unveiled for the first time.

Moreover, 4 additional cast members who will be in charge of new characters have also be announced this time. Wakayama Akihisa plays the “Noble” Regis K. Landegre, who is the successor to the Landegre family and goes to Ye Ran High School to investigate a case. Kayano Ai plays “Noble” Seira J. Loyard, who is the landlady of the Loyard family, who attends Ye Ran High School to investigate together with Regis.
Nakazawa Masatomo is Tao, an amiable and talkative modified human who belongs to the “Union”. Ootsuka Takeo plays Takeo, a modified human that looks unfriendly but has a gentle heart, and actually likes children, who also belongs to the “Union”.

In addition, from Kim Jae Joong, who sings the OP theme song “BREAKING DAWN”, and “OH MY GIRL”, who sings the ED theme song “Etoile”, comment videos for Japanese fans who are looking forward to the broadcast have also been released.

“NOBLESSE” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, and other channels from midnight on Oct. 7.

<Full comments are below>
Regis K. Landegre (CV: Wakayama Akihisa)

I'm Wakayama Akihisa, and I will be playing Regis K. Landegre.
Regis is a “Noble” with a mighty power who came to Japan for some investigation.
He is very proud to be a “Noble” and looks down on humanity, but I think that he is a very attractive character with some tsundere characteristics.

It's a work full of highlights, such as the gap between the serious part and the everyday part, the surreal laughter, etc. I hope many people will enjoy it.
Personally, I really like the interaction between Regis and M-21, so please check it out!

Seira J. Loyard (CV: Kayano Ai)

Seira J. Loyard, one of the almighty persons who are called “Nobles” in the story.
She seems like a cold person because there are no emotions on her face. It's easy to think this way, but I think she is a passionate and affectionate person on the inside.
I like the feeling of the unevenness of Seira when she gets emotional through her interactions with Regis.
I'm sure everyone will look at Regis with a smile as well as Seira (laughs).
There are a lot of other attractive characters in the show, so I hope you will feel attached to the characters while following the story!

Tao (CV: Nakazawa Masatomo)

Tao, who I play, is a hacker and modified human belonging to a special task force of the mysterious organization “Union”.
He is a cheerful young guy who cracks a joke with anyone and interacts with unexpected characters.
Tao speaking openly to others is satisfying and relateable. I had a lot of fun during the recording.
Please look forward to it!

Takio (CV: Ootsuka Takeo)
Takio is a modified human who belongs to “Union”, but he does not like his duties.
Also, he is a character who seems unfriendly but has a gentle heart.
Please enjoy the every day life, battle, and the story of Raizel and his friends that develops one after another until the end!

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