New info about the theme songs of TV anime “NOBLESSE”, which is set to be broadcast from Oct. 2020, have been released. Jae-joong and K-POP girls group “OH MY GIRL” will be in charge of the OP and ED theme songs respectively. Also, comments from the main cast, including Shingaki Tarusuke and Hirakawa Daisuke, have arrived.

“Noblesse” is a dark-action fantasy that has been serialized in Korea's “NAVER WEBTOON” for 11 years and translated into 29 languages, and has also been published in Japan's “LINE Manga”.
The story is about Raizel (Cadis Etrama Di Raizel), a noble and guardian of absolute power, who awakens from an 820-year long sleep to attend Ye Ran High School as a student, experiencing a peaceful life for the first time. However, her peaceful life comes to an end when assassins, modified humans from the mysterious “Union” organization appears.

New info about the theme songs have been announced: Jae-joong's new song “BREAKING DAWN” has been selected as the OP theme song, while “Etoile” by seven-piece K-pop girls group OH MY GIRL as the ED theme song.

The two theme songs have been produced in Japanese, Korean, and English for the anime adaptation in various countries, including Japan, Korea, and the US. Comments from Jae-joong and OH MY GIRL have also arrived.

In addition, a promo video featuring images from the anime has been released. It depicts some of the raging action scenes and the school life of Raizel, a “NOBLESSE” guardian who has absolute power, at Ye Ran High School.
Comments from the main cast including Shingaki Tarusuke and Hirakawa Daisuke have also been received.

TV anime “NOBLESSE” will start airing in Oct. 2020.

<Full commentary is below>
I am very happy that I was asked to sing the opening theme song for the TV anime “NOBLESSE”.
I also have a feeling of nervousness from the responsibility of the worldwide release of the song, which is sung in Japanese, Korean, and English.
“BREAKING DAWN” is a song about moving forward with hope against the world we live in today! The song is imbued with that positive message.
Look forward to it!

Hello, it's OH MY GIRL here!
We're going to be in charge of the ED theme song for the TV anime “NOBLESSE”, which will be released in October!
Both Raizel and Frankenstein, the main characters, are fascinating. The action scenes in the series are amazing, coupled with the large scale of the story.
Since the ending theme song “Etoile” was sung in Japanese, Korean, and English, it makes us happy knowing that people from all over the world will be able to enjoy it.
The TV anime “NOBLESSE” will be broadcast in October.
Everyone, please enjoy it!

Shingaki Tarusuke (Cadis Etrama Di Raizel)
Rai has always been reserved.
He's a being of absolute power who has just awoken and, for the first time, shows a keen interest in the outside world.
But it's hard to communicate due to Raizel's reserved nature.
I've heard that the original WEBTOON has been read by many people. I hope that those people, as well as those who are new to the world of Noblesse, will enjoy the thrill and excitement of the action and sound effects that only animation can provide.
Thank you for your support!

Hirakawa Daisuke (Frankenstein)
Frankenstein has been the faithful steward of the main character, Lord Rai, since before he fell into a long sleep, and is now the principal of the high school where the series is mainly set. The gap between the serious scenes and the occasional comedic scenes is one of the highlights of this work. I hope many people will enjoy the series.

Onishi Kousuke (M-21)
My name is Onishi Kousuke and I will be voicing M-21.
He is short-tempered, foul-mouthed, and cold-hearted.
But he's also very loyal and loves his companions more than anyone else.
I'm happy to be able to watch him live his clumsy and straightforward life with everyone.
There are other great and unique characters in this story!
I think both men and women will enjoy this series!
Look forward to it!

Iwasaki Ryouta (Tashiro Yuusuke)
Tashiro Yuusuke is that kind of guy, cheerful, energetic, straightforward, and loyal to his friends!
The daily scenes with his classmate Manabu are really humorous.
But when his friends are in trouble, he becomes incredibly cool!
I'm getting to voice a very human and interesting role, so look forward to seeing Tashiro's various facial expressions.

Hamada Youhei (Kase Manabu)
Kase Manabu is a normal high school student who is good at computers and various other things.
He was leading a normal school life with his friends Yuu-chan and Tashiro Yuusuke.
Personally, I think Tashiro and Kase are the epitome of everyday life for Rai.
We had fun acting out a very ordinary school life!
Please look forward to the seriousness and the surrealism of “NOBLESSE”!

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