The outline and advance cut-scene of episode 4 “Frontier” of the TV anime “Farewell, My Dear Cramer” (April 25, 2021) have been revealed together with the main PV.

“Farewell, My Dear Cramer” is a “girls’ soccer” manga by “Your Lie in April” Arakawa Naoshi.
The main protagonist is the girl Onda Nozomi, who play soccer with boys since young, but faced a big obstacle known as “physical difference” when entering middle school.
The middle school arc “Sayonara, Football” depicts her suffering in the boys’ soccer club, while this TV anime depicts her high school life as she aims to the peak of the girls’ soccer.

The title for episode 4is “Frontier”.
The kick from the right leg of Nozomi has led the ball to Kunogi Gakuen High School’s goal net. The fresh goal that surprised everyone on the field was nullified by the foul play of her teammate Shiratori Aya.

At the same time, the whistle that signifies the end of the match could be heard, and it was a significant defeat for Warabi as the score is 0 to 21. All the members of Warabis aren’t able to hide their regret, but with Nozomi, Soshizaki, and Suou joining the team, they will be able to reborn as a team from now on.

Episode 4 “Frontier” of “Farewell, My Dear Cramer” was broadcast on April 25, 2021, on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C) Arakawa Naoshi, Kodansha/ Farewell, My Dear Cramer Production Committee