“Peach Boy Riverside” by Cool-kyou Shinja and Yohane, the authors of “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, will be adopted in the TV anime. A teaser visual, teaser promotion movie, and cast information have been released. This anime is scheduled for Jul. 2021.

“Peach Boy Riverside” is based on the manga by COOL Kyoushinja and Yohane, which is currently serialized in “Shonen Magazine R” and “Magapoke”. A commemoration illustration from COOL Kyoushinja has arrived this time.

The story is the squeal to the well-known folk-tail…Momotarou decides to go abroad after learning that there are demons also exist outside Japan. It is good to defeat them, it’s great to save someone, but it’s wrong to “have fun”.
What if a peach arrived in Japan was not only one? What if the peaches arrived in Japan was just a story among the many? The manga shows another story of “peach” from the well-known folktale.

A teaser visual depicts Sally and Mikoto, who have the power of “peach”, weirdly smiling, and the teaser promotion visual revealed the animation cuts of the two characters.

The main characters will be played by Shiraishi Haruka and Touyama Nao. Shiraishi will play Sally, who received the power of a peach from an incident, while Touyama will play Mikoto, a boy who is known as “the monster hunter” with his peach power. Their comments regarding their roles have arrived.

“Peach Boy Riverside” will be broadcast from Jul. 2021.

Shiraishi Haruka, playing Sally

Sally is an energetic character who dropped her status as a princess in order to learn about the outside world. I like how she shows her strong integrity through no tolerance toward any form of discrimination.
I will do my best to play Sally, the character with a strong will and charm! Please look forward to it!

Touyama Nao, playing Mikoto
Mikoto is a character with high combat skills while holding a strong belief in himself. He has no mercy toward his enemy, and his calmness is as of an org. There is a craziness of him when he is fighting. He behaves as he has a leeway, but maybe he doesn’t. By the way, he is not a girl, he is a boy!

A comment from the author COOL Kyoushinja

“Peach Boy Riverside” will be adopted in the TV anime! This work used to be a hobby, which I had fun with my friends, but this became so popular to become the TV anime by being edited by Yohane as a product.
I look forward seeing my nicely-designed characters moving.
Please look forward to the anime adoption! I will do my best to support the anime becoming well-known!

(C) COOL Kyoushinja and Yohane/Kodansha/”Peach Boy Riverside” Production Committee