From the TV anime “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” (the broadcast will start in Oct. 2020), the cast voicing “The Demon Lord's Army”, who also appears in the key visual, has been announced. The cast includes Seki Tomokazu, Maeno Tomoaki, Nara Tooru, Koyasu Takehito, Iwata Mitsuo, Hayami Shou, and Hashi Takaya. They also left some comments about their enthusiasm for each role.

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” is based on the manga, which started to be serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1989, and was the first long-running manga series named after the role-playing game “Dragon Quest” series.
“The Adventure of Dai”, the total sales of which had exceeded 47 million, will appear as a new anime adaptation after 30 years since it started to be serialized as manga. The friendship and growth story of Dai and his friends will be depicted again using CG and a hybrid method.

A total of seven casts have been announced, including Seki Tomokazu as the Damon Hadlar, who tried to rule the world with monsters, Maeno Tomoaki as Crocodine, who has strong power and body, Nara Tooru as Flazzard, who can handle ice and fire, Koyasu Takehito as Myst-Vearn, who is really quiet and does not show any emotion, Iwata Mitsuo as Zaboera, who is sly, Hayami Shou as Baran, who is as strong as a fierce god, and Hashi Takaya as Vearn, is the supreme leader of The Demon Lord's Army.

TV anime “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” will be broadcast on TV TOKYO and chained channels in Oct.

<Full comments are below>
Seki Tomokazu as Damon Hadlar
I'm really glad to join “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” as I have been reading it since it started to be serialized.
At the same time, I'm also nervous to play the role of Hadlar.
Aono-san, who I respect, played Hadlar in the previous work.
I'll try my best in my own way.

Maeno Tomoaki as Crocodine
I really like this work so much that I cannot talk about it enough. I've been dreaming of “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” many times since I had an audition.
I'm honored that I can play one of the key roles, Crocodine.
I will try my best and take pride in being a warrior.

Nara Tooru as Flazzard
When I heard that “The Adventure of Dai” will become an anime adaptation in Reiwa, I immediately thought, “I want to play the role of Flazzard!” before I was amazed by the news.
Today, I'm going to play Flazzard for real, which is a great honor!
I will try to play energetically as Flazzard.

Koyasu Takehito as Myst-Vearn
I'm really glad and appreciate that I was chosen to play Myst-Vearn.
I cannot wait to see how mysterious Myst-Vearn appears in an exciting and attractive world.
I will fight for justice as much as I can as The Demon Lord's Army.
Please cheer us up. (laugh)
We will definitely win!! Oh—–!!

Iwata Mitsuo as Zaboera
When I took an audition for the role of Zaboera, I strongly desired as “Wow! I really want to play this character! I will for sure!”
I've never played a typical villain like Zaboera, who is sly, clever, and cunning, so I thought it would be a chance for me.
I was really glad that I won!
I'm very inspired. Please look forward to Zaboera I play!

Hayami Shou as Baran
When I heard that I could join this masterpiece, I was so glad that I
jumped for 5cm with joy.
There are several big fans of The Adventure of Dai around me.
I will play Baran in sincerity for them and for those who will watch for the first time.

Hashi Takaya as Vearn
When I heard that I would play the role in “The Adventure of Dai”, I searched the cast for the previous work. I thought “Oh my god!” and I guessed right. Mr. Utsumi Kenji, who has a phenomenal voice, played “Vearn” in the previous work!!
I cannot be compared with him, so what I can do is only to try my best.
I'm also excited to see how “Vearn” is going to be.

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