“Dragon Quest: Great Adventure of Dai” is an anime set in the world of “Dragon Quest”. It will debut Mar. 1, 2020, through “GYAO!”, and will be distributed completely free of charge. In the fall of 2020, a completely new anime is also set to be announced, but for now why not take the chance to enjoy this classic anime?

The original manga, set in the world of NES classic “Dragon Quest”, was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The anime adaption first released in 1991, with voice talents such as Fujita Toshiko lending her voice to the titular Dai.

The story begins 15 years after the Demon King Hadlar and his evil army have been defeated by a hero. The demon king gets resurrected, and once again his evil influence begins to dominate the monsters. At that time, a new hero appears: Dai, who has been living amongst the monsters on the solitary island of Dermline, and who has studied under the tutorship of the demon-king-defeating-hero Avan.

The Anime “Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai” will be distributed every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday on “GYAO!” from Mar. 1 to Jun. 27, 2020.

(C) Sanjou Riku, Inada Kouji/Shueisha・SQUARE ENIX・Toei Animation