The manga “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” will become a completely new anime in autumn 2020. Sanjou Riku (author), Inada Kouji (manga writer), and Horii Yuuji (drafter) gave their comments before the broadcast.

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” is the first long run manga based on the popular RPG “Dragon Quest”, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
Dai, the young protagonist, always dreamed of becoming a hero. He goes on an adventure to save the world from the resurrected Demon King Hadler, who once caused the world to suffer.

The new animation was a surprise announcement with a teaser released at the Square Enix stage of “Jump Festa 2020” held on Dec. 21.

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” has been animated once before from 1991 to 1992. However, the new anime adaption will be a hybrid of CGI and anime-style drawing, making it a more intense animation.
They also revealed plans for a game project along with the animation.

The completely new anime of “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” will start in autumn 2020.

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【Author: Sanjou Riku】
I've heard many voices from those who watched the first animation saying “We want to recreate The Adventures of Dai with the latest technology.” This dream will become true in 2020! The readers of the manga at the time the manga was serialized are now old enough to create their own works. Just listening to the staff talking with so much enthusiasm moves my heart.
I look forward to seeing Dai and the gang coming back to the screen!!

【Manga Writer: Inada Kouji】
I hope both those who never heard of “The Adventure of Dai” and those who are fans from before can both enjoy this new animation.
I've heard many things, such as the production method, have changed since the last anime adaption. I'm very interested in how the new anime depicts Dai's adventures.

【Drafter: Horii Yuuji】
When making “Dragon Quest” into a manga, I asked Sanjou-sensei and Inada-sensei to keep the world of the game but create a completely different story. It has already been animated once, there's nothing more joyful than it being recreated with the latest methods.
I'm looking forward to see it!

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