The key visual of the new anime “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” (broadcast from Oct. 2020) has been released. Ogata Kenichi as Brass and Furihata Ai as Gome-chan joined the cast members. We have received comments from the two of them.

“Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai” is originally the first long-run manga based on the role-playing game series “Dragon Quest”, which started in 1989, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
After almost 30 years, “The Adventure of Dai”, which has over 47 million copies of comics published, received a completely new anime adaption. The friendship and growth of Dai and his friends will be depicted in a hybrid of CGI and anime style drawing.

The key visual shows Dai in the stance of Avan Strash in the center with Pop and Maam on the side. Avan watches over them and the Demon King Hadlar and the leaders of his army are in the background. There's a dark shadow further back, hinting at there is an even more terrifying enemy.
One glance of the impressive visual, and you will see the world of “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai”.

As additional cast members, Ogata Kenichi, known as Professor Agasa from “Detective Conan”, will be playing Brass, and Furihata Ai, known as Kurosawa Ruby from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, will be playing Gome-chan.

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” will be broadcast from Oct. 2020 on TV Tokyo channels.

<Full comments are as below>

Ogata Kenichi (as Brass)
It is a great pleasure to be part of such a wonderful work. And at the same time, I feel the burden pressing on me.
Meeting Dai has given me a new challenge. I feel the need to raise him to become a fine adult, but I also want to grant his wishes.
I hope you will enjoy Dai fighting against many enemies for justice and the process of him growing through the fights.

Furihata Ai (as Gome-chan)
Every day, I appreciate the opportunity to play Gome-chan. I will do my best to be the beloved partner of Dai and fascinate all of you!!
I want to share with you the lively energy of Dai, Gome-chan, and the others as best as I can.
“Piiiii!!” (We'll do our best!!)

(C)Sanjou Riku, Inada Kouji / Shueisha, The Adventure of Dai Production Committee, TV Tokyo (C)Square Enix Co., Ltd.