It has been announced that “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” will collaborate with a puzzle RPG for smartphones “Puzzle & Dragons” for the first time. Along with the announcement, characters visuals for the collaboration of Dai and others have been unveiled.

The collaboration of “The Adventure of Dai” was announced in “Puzzle & Dragons Official Streaming ~Summer Vacation SP~” on August 13, 2021.
In this collaboration, Dai, his companions for the adventure; Popp, Maam, Avan, Hyunckel, and Leona, and the enemy characters; Hadlar and Myst-Vearn, will participate.

The collaboration between “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” and “Puzzle & Dragons” will be available from August 30 to September 13.
If you log in to the game during the collaboration period, you will be given “Avan’s Disciple Dai”. In addition, a Twitter campaign will be available to commemorate the collaboration. Please visit the designated website for more details.

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