“Tokyo Ghoul ” and “JACKJEANNE” by Ishida Sui will collaborate. A special program titled “Tokyo Ghoul × JACKJEANNE Cast Special Talk!” will be streamed on YouTube on Jul. 29 at 9:00 p.m.

“Tokyo Ghoul” is a comic, which had been serialized on “Weekly Young Jump”. “JACKJEANNE” is a new game, where you can enjoy the youth story of boys and girls at an opera school. Both were written by Ishida Sui.

These two works will collaborate on the speial program “Tokyo Ghoul × JACKJEANNE Cast Special Talk!”. Kondou Takayuki as “Tokyo Ghoul:re” Hirako Take and “JACKJEANNE” Takashina Sarafumi, and Kishio Daisuke as “Tokyo Ghoul:re” Furuta Nimura and “JACKJEANNE” Neji Kokuto will appear as the hosts. Hanae Natsuki as “Tokyo Ghoul:re” Sasaki Haise/Kaneki Ken will also appear as a guest.

They will challange a quiz such as “Quiz Tokyo Ghoul” and have a conversation on the program.

The special program “Tokyo Ghoul” × “JACKJEANNE” will be streamed on official YouTube channel on Jul. 29 at 9:00 p.m.

(C)Sui Ishida/Shueisha・Tokyo Ghoul:re Production Committee (C)Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI