Entirely produced via remote work during the Covid quarantine, the Anime “Staying Babies” will premiere on AT-X and stream for free on Youtube.

The anime came up as an exploration for finding new ways to tackle anime production given the circumstances, as well as offering entertainment as a form of stress relief for those staying home affected by the situation.

Suzu and her classmate Fumi, 1st-year middle school students in the hot spring town of Iwaki, one day decide to found a Hula Club. Alongside their new friend Mona, a transferred exchange student from Finland, they spend their days practicing the art of hula dancing to partake in a soon to be held contest. However, due to the spread of the coronavirus, the club activities are suddenly halted. The story outlines their struggle in the face of the lockdown.

The format of the show differs a little from the usual anime, by showing the voice actresses (Mimori Suzu, Yoshimura Haruka, Ito Miku) performing the recording session in a web conference.

All four episodes of “Staying Babies” will premiere on Jun. 10, 2020. Special footage featuring a talk show with the voice performers titled “Long Stay ver.” will be shown on AT-X exclusively.

“Staying Babies” – 4 episodes
Premiere date: Jun. 10, 2020 (Wed.)
Special talk show “Long Stay ver.” exclusive on AT-X!