ABEMA had aired voice actor remote program “Seiyu Pajama Meeting ~Ima to Kore Kara Tanoshimi ni Naru Namahoushou SP~ (Seiyu Pajama Meeting ~The Live Broadcast Special Program that you can enjoy from now on~)” (Abbreviation “Seiyu Pajama Meeting”) on May 9 from 9 PM onward.
This is one of the programs of “Ouchi de Abema (Abema at Home)” dedicated to the current state when time spent at home becomes longer. A total of 11 voice actors, such as Yasumoto Hiroki and Aoi Shouta, had participated remotely and conducted various activities.

The organizer and main MC are Yasumoto Hiroki and Aoi Shouta, while the guests are Shimasaki Nobunaga, Namikawa Daisuke, Tsuda Kenjirou, Toriumi Kohsuke, Onosaka Masaya, Maeno Tomoaki, Nakamura Shuugo, and Yashiro Taku, 11 people in total.

The rare pajama appearances of the voice actors are revealed for the first time!
As mentioned in the title “Seiyu Pajama Meeting”, everyone appeared in their pajamas and introduced it during the opening. Toward the guests' comments, “As expected of Yasumoto-san to think of a pajama party”, Yasumoto commented back, “Don't you want to look at Aoi Shouta in his pajama” which showed that Yasumoto is enjoying Aoi in his pajama. A lot of comments were received toward Aoi who is wearing a pink silk pajama.

Next is the original corner, “Seiyu's Life Game”. Everyone is split into two teams, Yasumoto Team and Aoi Team, and play the “Seiyu's Life Game” which the goals are to “appear in Hollywood”. Nakamura showed his energetic enthusiasm saying, “I want to do my best! Ponpoko Pon Pon Pon!”, and “All the cute part are taken by Shou-tan (Aoi)!”, while he tries his best to appeal his cuteness.

After going through the branching point such as the “Loud Voice Challenge”, where everyone shouts as loud as possible, and the punishment game of speaking like an innocent girl, Aoi Team won and appeared in Hollywood due to Nakamura's roulette luck.

Maestro Nobunaga had become a trend!?

After that, the next corner is “Remote Round (music)” suggested by Yashiro. Nobunaga, who become more cheerful after drinking alcohol, had revealed the maestro like a command. Everyone commented, “Maestro Nobunaga!!!!!” and laughed while looking at that Shimasaki. It seems that the audiences had enjoyed this funny moment as “# Nobunaga-kun” had become a trend on Twitter.
Then, it was finally time for the 10 people to sing “Kaeru no Uta (Frog's song)” together. Various voices were mix in the 10 people round such as stunning voice and awkward voice. Despite Yashiro has unveiled a stunning voice, Yasumoto had revealed grief, “I felt bad to the level of 'did it succeed!?”, and even the comments were overflow with “Chaos wwww” (www mean hahaha).

Even the lecture on “Face Beautify Massage, which Aoi performed daily, was conducted. After receiving some opinions on the massage such as “It feels great!”, “It hurt!”, and “That why's Shou-chan look so pretty!”, the “reaching for heaven” exercise, where you look upward while sticking out your tongue, is on the brink of causing trouble…
Other than those corners, all the 11 people go all out in various corners such as Maeno and Yasumoto exchanges kisses during the corner where the audiencewas guessing the person from the voice, and Onosaka voice a hot-blooded teacher after exchange place with Shimasaki in the “remote improvisation show”.

“It would be nice if 'Seiyu Pajama Meeting' is conducted again”
At the end of the program, various feedbacks such as, “I got hungry due to all the talking but I really enjoyed talking with everyone”(Yashiro Taku), and “Despite the current situation, it would be great if we can enjoyed it peacefully” (Tsuda Kenjirou), were received, and it showed how they enjoyed the broadcast.
With the feedback from the organizer and representative MC, Yasumoto, “Despite the time staying at home had become longer, there is a lot of things that we can enjoy doing at home. If you like this program, do support us as well in the upcoming programs. It would be great if we could do this again”, which showed his enthusiasm toward the future program, and it marked the end of the “Seiyu Pajama Meeting”.

“Seiyu Pajama Meeting” and “Seiyu Pajama Meeting After Party”, featuring Yasumoto & Aoi, can be streamed at “ABEMA Video” now.