The main visual of the anime “GIBIATE” scheduled to start in Jul. 2020 has been released for the first time.
It also started distributing the ballad version of the ending song “ENDLESS -Yami wo Koete-” by SUGIZO & Oguro Maki as charity. The proceeds will be donated to children and healthcare workers, who have been affected by the novel coronavirus, and the Nippon Foundation.

The anime “GIBIATE” is an animated work of the “GIBIATE PROJECT”, where prominent Japanese creators released its theme, harmony, to overseas including Amano Yoshitaka, a well-known illustrator of the game “Final Fantasy”.
Based in Japan in 2030, it is a human drama that depicts the protagonists' struggle to survive in a devastated world in which a disease that humans become monsters has become prevalent.

This time, along with the first release of the main visual, the ballad version of the ending song “ENDLESS -Yami wo Koete-” is being streamed in advance on the special charity page of the “GIBIATE” official website.
The proceeds will be used as a donation to the Nippon Foundation, which is engaged in activities such as supporting for children and healthcare workers who are in a difficult situation due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, and establishing facilities to prevent the collapse of medical care.

The anime “GIBIATE” will be broadcast and streamed from July.

(C) “GIBIATE PROJECT” Production Committee