Lumica, a company which produces and sells glow sticks, released a new commercial. An original character designed by Amano Yoshitaka appears in the new commercial.

The original Lumica character in the new commercial embodies the world view of Amano Yoshitaka and created with the setting of “an ordinary young man in the present day” and “the image of a a cool otaku”. He shows his strong will with a glow stick in his hand. The voice actor Asanuma Shintarou will play this character.

This commercial also collaborates with the original anime scheduled on Jul. 2020 titled “GIBIATE”. The characters of the anime hold glow sticks on the special website of Lumica. The song for this commercial will be co-produced by “Yoshida Brothers” and “SUGIZO”.

The production team of the new commercial had Shinoda Toshitaka, who was chosen as one of the best 100 movie directors as the supervisor, with the creative team Ijigen TOKYO, who mainly work on otaku/subcultural works and became famous for the ads for Curry Meshi. It fully portrays the charms of the original character.

Lumica's new commerical on TV will be aired during the broadcast of the anime “GIBIATE” on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and other channels from Jul. 8. It can be also watched on the special website.