Amano Yoshitaka, character designer, famous for “FINAL FANTASY”, and other works, created the original character for the CM advertising LUMICA, a company that is producing and selling chemical lights. This time, we have received a comment from Amano Yoshitaka.

LUMICA is a world-famous company that creates chemical lights for live-shows, such as “Lumica Light” and “Big Flash”.
The original character was designed by Amano Yoshitaka, who was a character designer for many anime works, including”Time Fighters” and the game “Final Fantasy”, and recently also worked on “Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 SPRING/SUMMER”, and other projects.

In collaboration with the original animation “Gibiate”, the LUMICA CM with the original character created by Amano Yoshitaka was aired on the same program on Jul. 8, 2020.
Amano Yoshitaka commented on the background behind the character's creation, “Although the design is based on the world view of Gibiate and has a 'Japanese' motif, it was designed to be sent from Japan to the world by fusing the elements of the new Japanese culture of cyalume dance”.