The ending theme song for the anime “GIBIATE”, which is set to be aired on Jul. 8, 2020, has been released. The ending theme “ENDLESS~Toki wo Koete~” (ENDLESS~Over the Time~) is sung by Ooguro Maki, composed, written and a guitar being played by SUGIZO (LUNA SEA/X JAPAN).

“GIBIATE” is the anime created under “GIBIATE Project”, where legendary creators who are active in several cultural scenes (manga, anime, games), including Amano Yoshitaka, Serizawa Naoki, and Kodai Yuuzou, have been gathered under the producer Aoki Ryou.
Set in Japan of 2030, the story depicts a pair of a samurai and a ninja severely damaged by disease.

The released footage features the ending theme “ENDLESS~Toki wo Koete~” by Ooguro Maki and makes you feel that you are actually watching “GIBIATE” in your room.

Moreover, a collaboration between “GIBIATE” and Lumica, which is a company where Amano Yoshitaka (character designer of this project) has drawn original characters for, has been decided. Lumica original character appears in the TV commercial of “GIBIATE” along with its opening theme “GIBIATE”, and the commercial will be screened within the broadcast slot of “GIBIATE”.

Finally, preorders for palm-sized eco-bags called “NANOBAG” have also started and will be available until Jul. 30 for a total of 1,200 items. The price is 2,650 JPY (tax included).

Anime “GIBIATE” will be broadcast from Jul. 8, 2020 on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and other channels.