Amano Yishitaka, known for his career as visual concept designer for “Final Fantasy”, and other famous creators cooperated on “GIBIATE”, and new trailer of it has been released.

“GIBIAE” is an anime which “legend creators”, such as Amano, Serizawa Naoki, and Kodai Yuuzou, people who are active in culture scenes mainly with Japanese video games, comics, and anime, cooperated.
The story is set in Japan of 2030, at the time when the viruses are spread all around the world. A pair of a samurai and ninja appear in the world which the infected people turns into ”GIBIATE” (there are variety of them like gibier), the monsters change the appearance based on age, sexuality, and race. They traveled over time, and cooperate with a doctor who researches the treatment of GIBIATES. But their journey is risking their lives, including the threat of many gibier, outlaws…

In the latest trailer released, addition to the characters which Kakihara and Fujii play, the characters played by Touchi Hiroki and Hazama Michio appear as well. There are appearances of characters, the pictures of deserted world and other features were shown to tell the atmosphere of the work.

Additionally, it has been announced that Yoshida Brothers will be playing the opening theme song. The music will be new in a way that shamisen and anime culture will be combined.

The animation “GIBIATE” ‘s release is scheduled on summer of 2020.

【Yoshida Brothers】
We are Yoshida Brothers and we are playing the opening theme for “GIBIATE”. “GIBIATE” is a work which the Japanese creators cooperated. The opening theme is based on “Wa” (harmony), and together with great members, we will try our best to deliver the charm of Japan to the world with shamisen, a Japanese instrument.

And, this year is 20th anniversary for Yoshida Brothers, so as an anniversary music, we put much more effort, so the music is speedy and vibrant. Please listen to it!

(C) “GIBITE PROJECT” Production Committee