Jan. 15 is Yonaga Tsubasa’s birthday.

Yonaga Tsubasa made his voice actor debut in the mid of 2000’s. He won the best newcomer male award in the 2nd Voice Actor Award and had voiced several characters ever since. In 2019, he had voiced characters in several popular series like “Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Maji Love Kingdom”, etc.
It was announced in Nov. 2019 that he halt some of his activities to recover due to some sort of illness related to his voice. There were also comments from fans wishing for his recovery.
In 2020, he will be voicing the main character of the new winter anime “A Destructive God Sits Next to Me” and his first photo album “Briller Strade” will also be sold on his birthday.

In Anime!Anime!, in order to celebrate his birthday, we had conducted a reader survey on “Who is your favorite anime characters voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa-san?” following the survey conducted last year. Within the period of Dec. 24 ~ Dec. 31, 2019, we had received a total of 86 responses.
The male to female ratio is 25% male and 75% female where the female is the majority. For the age distribution, 50% are of those aged 19 and below while 30% aree in their 20’s where the majority are from youngsters.

■Izumi Mitsuki “Idolish7” Remain top for two consecutive year!
1st place is Izumi Mitsuki from “Idolish7”. The support rating is around 25% and maintained the top seat from last year.

We had received comments that support his mood-maker position in the idol group, IDOLiSH7, “The fact that he is a cool onii-chan (brother) who looks cute when he is trying his best, makes me want to support him.” and “Despite his cute appearance, he’s actually quite manly on the inside! Don’t you think he’s the manliest guy in the group?”.
There were also several comments regarding how they’ve become fans after attending one of his concerts, such as “It’s amazing that there are a lot of people who relates to Yonagi-san’s optimism . His existence of livening up the concert is the best!”.

2nd place is Hazuki Nagisa from “Free!”. The support rating is approximately 15% and remain the same position as last year.

“He has an optimistic personality but is actually struggling in the back despite that his intimacy toward everyone else stills remain the same. That is the optimistic and bright Nagisa-kun that I like.”, and “It was Yonaga-san’s efforts that made Nagisa a reliable upperclassman. Despite his usual soft voice, when it comes to a serious situation, his voice will switch to a more tough and serious tone which makes him look so cool.” which are comments that describe the growth of the character.

3rd place is Sendou Aichi from “Cardfight!! Vanguard”. The gap between the 2nd place is quite marginal.

“I like it when he plays a card fight seriously.”, “He is kind and frail-hearted but things get tough, he can muster up courage which makes him look cool.” a popular depiction of his role as the main protagonist in the “Vanguard” series. The top 3 character share the same position as last year.

■Let’s introduce the other commentary!!
For Manami Sangaku from “Yowamushi Pedal”: “Yonaga-san’s voice fits his refreshing, kind look and his strong resolution perfectly!”
For Ayase Koyuki from “~Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai~” series: “It’s amazing how he could change his voice based on certain scenarios like having the person he like look at him, or declaring war on his love rival, sometimes a frail voice, and another time a gallant voice!”

For Mikado Nagi from “Uta no Prince-sama” series: “His voice draws out Nagi’s cuteness to the max. I cry when I saw Nagi’s tear in the movie.”
For Minaho Kazuto from “Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy”: “As he is the same brain type as Manabe Jinichiro, the way he tends to read other players’ movements while playing soccer is really cool.”

It’s worth noting that the top ranking are full with idol or characters from sports anime.

■Top Ranking
[Who is your favorite anime characters voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa- san? 2020 ver.]
1st place: Izumi Mitzuki “Idolish7”
2nd place: Hazuki Nagisa “Free!”
3rd place: Sendou Aichi “Cardfight!! Vanguard”
4th place: Manami Sangaku “Yowamushi Pedal”
5th place: Mikado Nagi “Uta no Prince-sama” series
6th place: Ayase Koyuki “Zutto Mae kara Sukideshita。~Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai~”
6th place: Mihashi Ren “Big Windup!”
8th place: Jude Mathis “Tales of Xilia”
9th place: Minaho Kazuto “Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy”

(Survey Period: Dec. 24 – Dec. 31, 2019)