From the WOWOW original TV series “Puru-Started marrying with AI” starring the voice actor Kaji Yuuki as the main role, a special preview video that is carefully selected only from the “Good Voice” scene Kaburaki Keniichi acted by Kaji has been revealed.

The TV series “Puru-Started marrying with AI” is an SF Human-comedy that depicts a love and marriage life between humans and AI set in a near-future Kyoto, and is based on the original fiction “Piple” written by Harada Mariru.
This title asks a question of “What is it to be AI and Human”, through the relationship between characters full of individuality, such as Kaburaki Keniichi, a salaryman who decided to marry a human-type AI, “Piple”, an AI that became a wife, and Fukayama Kaede, an AI researcher.

The “Good Voice preview video” that was revealed this time, is a compilation of the scenes with a dialogue of the main character Kaburaki Keniichi (who is an unmarried salaryman), with an impressive “Good Voice” acted by Kaji Yuuki.
The video shows the joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure of Kaburaki ,who is swayed by other characters full of individuality in 30 seconds and can enjoy the appealing points of Kaburaki through the video.

This video includes scenes from the first episode, which is currently available for free at WOWOW's official YouTube channel and special website, and more scenes from second and beyond, making this video a good “preparation” before watching the actual episodes.

The WOWOW original TV series “Puru-Started marrying with AI” has started its broadcasting from May 18, 2020, on WOWOW Prime. Out of 8 episodes in total, the first two episodes are broadcasted together, and the first episode is free to watch.

(C) 2020 TV series “Piple” Production Committee