It was decided that the 1st Live and 2nd Live of the voice actor and singer Uchida Maaya will be broadcast on “ABEMA” Anime LIVE Channel on Apr. 18.

The broadcast of “UCHIDA MAAYA 1st LIVE 'Hello, 1st contact!'” and “UCHIDA MAAYA 2nd LIVE 'Smiling Spiral'” was conducted as a response of Uchida Maaya's Fan Club Event “LIVE IS LIKE A SUNNY DAY? Vol.3” on Apr. 18, 2020 had been canceled.

Both concerts can be seen for 2 weeks after the broadcast.

Uchida Maaya 1st & 2nd Live will be broadcast together from 2:30 PM, Apr. 18 on Anime LIVE Chanel inside of “Abema”