It was decided that the TV anime “SHIROBAKO” will have a free streaming for all of its episodes. All the 24 episodes can be streamed on these 2 days, Feb. 29 and Mar. 1 in Nico Nico Live.
This is a good opportunity to refresh on the story prior to the release of the “SHIROBAKO the Movie”.

“SHIROBAKO” is an original anime centers at 5 girls, who are chasing their dream in the animation industry, and depicting the daily troubles or problems and the results or impacts from the production team.
The TV anime was broadcast from Oct. 2014 till Mar. 2015 and “SHIROBAKO the Movie” will be released on Feb. 29, 2020.

In Nico Nico Live Broadcast, the free streaming of the all episodes of the TV series will be held together with the release of the movie. Episode 1 to12 will be broadcast from 7 pm of Feb. 29, which is the first day of the movie's release, while on the next day, Mar. 1, episode 13 to 24 will be broadcast from 7 pm.

The appearance of the protagonist, Miyamori Aoi, being in charge of the production in the animation production company, Musashino Animation can be enjoyed. “SHIROBAKO the Movie” takes place 4 years after the TV series and depicts Aoi challenging the production of an anime movie. Hope you can headed to the theater after refreshing on all the 24 episodes.

(C)”SHIROBAKO” Production Committee