The movie “SHIROBAKO” will be released starting from Feb. 29, 2020 as the latest original animation created by Director Mizushima Tsutomu. On Feb. 26, just before the release, Director Mizushima reported its completion on his official Twitter account. In response, fans said, “Thank you for your good work,” and “You didn’t exhaust all possibilities!”

This work is a completely new movie of the TV anime “SHIROBAKO” broadcasted in 2014, by the pair PA.WORKS and Director Mizushima Tsutomu working together. It centered on the five women: Miyamori Aoi, Yasuhara Ema, Sakaki Shizuka, Todo Misa, and Imai Midori who are working in the animation industry, and depict the story of meeting new friend, facing trouble along the way toward the anime completion..

This time, Director Mizushima reported on his official Twitter account that ” SHIROBAKO the Movie has been completed.”. Then, fans commented while looking forward to its release, “Thank you for your good work!”, “I’m looking forward to it!”, “I’m going to watch it on the first day!” and “I’ve been looking forward to it, so I’ve already reserved the seat on the first day.”

Some of the replies are related to the work such as “I remembered the last episode of the TV series (laughs)” and “I’m likely to hear the voice saying, ‘You can spoil’ from Producer Nabe.”. In addition, there are also voices that make a play on familiar lines from the TV series, such as “You didn’t exhaust all possibilities!”, “I’m glad to hear no possibilities were exhausted.” and “Congratulations on avoiding ‘I exhausted all possibilities!'”.
All of the replies were filled with pleasure for the successful completion and love thanking to the director and others.

The movie “SHIROBAKO” will be released nationwide on Feb. 29, 2020.