The movie “SHIROBAKO” (premiering on Feb. 29, 2020) released a new visual of Miyamori and other familiar members, including new characters such as Miyai Kaede. Along with the visual, a further outline of the film has been revealed. The new challenge of Musashino Animations in this movie will be to create an animation for the theaters.

“SHIROBAKO” is a TV anime series revealing the everyday life, conditions, and reality of the pure and muddy animation industry. The characters working hard on animation production stroke a chord with the fans of various generations, and was quite the talk of the anime industry. The TV anime was aired in 2014, and now, a new story will be woven in the theaters.

Miyamori Aoi, the protagonist who works at Musashino Animations (AKA Musani), has stepped towards her dream through the production of “Exodus!” and “The Third Girls Arial Squad”, and starts to think about what she really wants to do.

Four years have passed and Aoi had conflicting feelings towards her job. One day, after the morning meeting, Watanabe gives her the job of producing an animation for the theaters, but the project had an unexpected pitfall…

“Can the company really create an animation for the theaters at its state?”
Miyamori, with her anxieties, works towards the completion of the anime along with her new friend Miyai Kaede and the other Musani members. Will they be able to finish the animation in time?

The new visuals have the five members of Kaminoyama Animation club; Miyamori Aoi, Yashuhara Ema, Sakagi Shizuka, Toudou Misa, and Imai Midori, the Musani members from the TV anime series; Kinoshita Seiichi, Takanashi Tarou, Hiraoka Daisuke, Kunogi Ai, and Yano Erika, and the new character appearing in the film, Miyai Kaede.

The movie “SHIROBAKO” will premier on Feb. 29, 2020.
The second Movieticket with the design of the new visual will be sold from Jan. 18. They have 6 designs of clear file folders; Miyamori, DirectorKinoshita, Tarou, Hiraoka, Kunogi, and Ogasawara, and one of them will come as a special gift along with the Movieticket.

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