It was decided that the entertainer Hiroshi, known for his love of camping, will appear in the live-action drama “Laid-Back Camp△” (Broadcast late night every Thursday).

The drama “Laid-Back Camp△” is a new relaxing camping drama that depicts the daily life of the high school girls who are enjoying camping and introducing the attraction of camping.
The drama will stay faithfully as the original works, and they were also fussing on the shooting locations as they want to show the video of the landscape that is depicted in the manga.

It was decided that the entertainer Hiroshi, that was known for live love of camping in video site and others will made an appearance. Even though, Hiroshi's voice was heard in episode 3 as a radio personality, which become a hot topic on the internet, he will finally appear as a solo camper in episode 8 and episode 11.

Live-action drama “Laid-Back Camp△” will be broadcast on TV Tokyo “Thursday Drama 25 slot” on every Thursday from 1:00 am to 1:30 am.

(C)Drama “Laid-Back Camp△” Production Committee (C)Afro/Houbunsha