The trailer for the live-action drama “Yuru Camp△” (Laid-Back Camp) (release on Jan. 9, 2020) was released. At the same time, additional cast members such as Yanagi Yurina (as Kagamihara Sakura), Tsuchimura Kaho (as Toba Minami), and Yamaguchi Choco (as beloved dog Chikuwa) were announced.

The original work of “Yuru Camp△” is by the mangaka Afro and it is a “relaxing girl camping drama” which has sold over 25 million copies. The anime adaptation was released in 2018.
A high school girl, Rin, is enjoying her 'solo camping' at the wintery lakeside. Then, the high school girl, Nadeshiko, who got lost when she rode her bicycle to see Mount Fuji, arrives. The two of them surround the campfire and enjoy cup ramen while viewing the magnificent view…
This time, additional cast to the high school girl camping drama was announced.
Names such as Yanagi Yurina will be playing as Nadeshiko's sister, Kagamihara Sakura, and Tsuchimura Kaho will be playing as Toba Minami, the teacher at Rin's school Motosuko High school, and Yamaguchi Choco will be playing as Sato's beloved dog Chikuwa, were announced.

Live-action drama “Yuru Camp△” will be aired in TV Tokyo and other channel from Jan. 9, 2020.

<Below are the comments>
【Yanagi Yurina as Kagamihara Sakura】

I'm Yanagi Yurina and I will be playing as Kagamihara Sakura.
While treasuring the setting of “Yuru Camp△” that everyone loves, it would make me happy if you enjoy the interesting point of the drama. It is a drama that can heal one's fatigue, with lots of time concerning this hobby packed into it.
Do pay attention to the interaction between the Kagamihara sisters!

【Tsuchimura Kaho as Toba Minami】

During the shooting, I saw a lot of “Yuru Camp△” fans visiting the camping site.
It makes me proud that I can be involved in such works that is loved by many.
Please look forward to the live-action version of “Yuru Camp△” whether you are a fan of the original or not familiar with it.

(C)Drama “Yuru Camp△” Production Committee