“Yuru Camp△” and the traveling magazine “Rurubu” collaborated and released an issue. It introduces Minobu in Yamanashi, a town which appears in the manga, and also include exclusive interviews with Hanamori Miyuri, Tooyama Nao, and other cast members.

This official traveling guidebook that is currently collaborating with anime/manga “Yuru Camp”, “Rurubu” had previously collaborated with, “Girls and Pantzer”, “Hakuouki”, and “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” and .

“Yuru Camp△” introduces actual camping areas and stores that exist in real life, and the right way to use camping tools and introduction of gourmet food. It makes the readers want to go to camping with great “guide information”.

In the section where it introduce the mecca of the anime, it describes the bench that Nadeshiko slept on in the 1st episode, and the school route that appeared on the map through a 3D viewer of “Heya Camp△ Section” in the 8th episode.
In addition to that, there is a section that guides the readers to a total of 7 scenes from episode 1 ~ 12 that the characters went through following the anime. In addition to the actual photographs, it includes the map as well at the end of the magazine. It will show the readers “which route did Rin took” in the anime.

It also explains the traveling route in the latest 9th issue of the manga, which has not yet been adapted into an anime. In the goods introduction page, items with illustrations and logos are shown. Menus such as “Shimarin Dango (dumplings) and “Gubi-Nee’s Japanese Alcohol that Matches with Sukiyaki” are also introduced.

The exclusive interviews with Hanamori Miyuri (playing Kakamigahara Nadeshiko), Tooyama Nao (playing Shima Rin), Hara Sayuri (playing Oogaki Chiaki), Toyosaki Aki (playing Inuyama Aoi), and Takahashi Rie (playing Saitou Ena) are released on the magazine. The interviews deliver the appeals of “Yuru Camp△”, the camping spot they want to go, and original photos that were taken.

“Rurubu Yuru Camp△” will be on sale on Feb. 4, 2020. The price is 1,250 JPY (tax excluded).

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