Four days after releasing her complete best album “Minna de!”, the voice actor Numakura Manami held the FINAL LIVE “Minna de!” at Team Smile Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on Feb. 16, 2020. Numakura, who had announced the end of her activities as an artist in Feb. 2020, concluded her artist career with a spectacular live performance of over three hours.

By naming this live, “FINAL LIVE ‘Minna de!’ Tsukurou! Project!” Numakura had invited fans to request songs to be performed in advance. A message board was set up outside the venue of Toyosu PIT, where fans posted their passionate thoughts one after another.

The live started with a guitar’s sound after the band members made their appearance. The first song was her debut single “Sakebe” with Numakura, who appeared on the upper stage, singing enthusiastically the uptempo song while waving her hand toward the audiences.
During the song’s chorus, the audiences sang along which heated up the live. From there, the aggressive songs “Hallelujah Drive!” and “Checkmate” were performed. During “Checkmate”, the introduction of the band members was held as early as possible, and the solo of each part received a lot of cheers from the fans.

Numakura's costume was a white and colorfully painted jumpsuit as shown in the MV of the latest song “Minna de!”, but it was revealed that it was a new costume specially made for the live.
The first MC part was the announcement of the familiar “Nu-san's live rules”. The three rules, “Be good to your neighbor”, “Be gentle to a woman”, and “Be even more gentle to Nu-san!!” were called for the last time.
Numakura asked the fans, “Today, we have made a setlist according to your requests. This is going to be a long and hard path. Are you ready?!”

After that, a medley of four happy and spirited songs titled “ShiningDays”, “Goodbye”, “Smiling & Smiling”, and “Good Day” was performed.
Two male and female dancers also appeared which made the stage become even showier. They started singing the spirited songs “color” and “Benvenuti”, finishing the series in the medium ballade “Hello, Ms.myself”.

In the cover medley of the anime songs, there was an overwhelming number of requests for the OP theme “Love Shitai—!” from “Love Lab”, followed by the character song “Kokoro wa kitto” from “Release the Spyce”, and “Mata Ashita” from “Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova DC-“.
In between the MC part, “AVALON” from “THE IDOLM@STER STATION!!!'', which was the first emotional song performed with the name of Numakura Manami, was also sung. After singing beautifully the splendid song based on the theme of eternity, they went off the stage for a short time.

When she reappeared on stage with black costumes, the dance number section began. Starting with a medley of “RELOAD”, “ThisKiss”, “WhatYouWant”, and “Don’t back”, the excitement raised up with “Yoru to Enshinryoku”, “SpiralFlow”, and “Desires”. All the vocalists in this part were cool with a sense of matureness, and another aspect of Numakura’s charm was fully shown.

Next is the “A corner to fulfill Nu-san's dream.” Following Numakura's MC, “I really want to sing a song with a certain person”, the voice actor Lynn who played the heroine Akitsuki Fuuka in “Fuuka” made her appearance.
While the crowd of fans was getting super-excited for the surprise guest, the OP theme “Climber’s High!” was performed on twin vocals followed by the insert song “Hoshi no Furu Machi”

After changing into a black and red dress that became the third costume, the ballad section began. Starting with “Kotonoha”, they performed a mix of three songs titled “Yanejou no Akai Hana”, “Madoromi” and “SWAY”, followed by “Akatsuki”. Numakura's ballads are characterized by gentle vocals that envelop you with a warm feeling.

And then, the live was finally going to the climax. Accompanied by the words, “Since this is a FINAL, I have prepared a special hell for you! Stay alive!!”, Numakura unfolded an inevitable number of songs that heated up the crowd; “Mahou”, “Ai”, “Anti-Gravity”, and “My LIVE”.
In response to that, the audience had a big chorus and started clapping on the beat, finishing with a jump and a big explosion of excitement. Numakura, who overcame the hell's setlist, said, “I've survived!!”.

The last part of the event was, of course, the latest song with the same title of the live concert, “Minna de!”.
Numakura added a pre-comment saying, “These kinds of moments will be gone, but I want to continue going forward so that I can say I am enjoying my life and living without any regret. I also made a new song for today because I want to put on you a beautiful smile”.
“Minna de!” is a pop number that made everyone smile, and the audiences joined the chorus part with the words “Oh Oh!” resounded throughout the hall.

At the encore, all the performers changed into live T-shirts. They started with the towel song “Come on New World!!!” that burst the crowd into cheers, followed by “Motto Issho” where the audience jumped in unison from the intro.
The fans became particularly excited when the lyrics “Anata no koto sukinanodesu” (I love you) were changed into “Minna no koto sukinanodesu” (I love you all).

After the excitement, it was time for Numakura Manami last greeting as artist.
When Numakura commented about the FINAL LIVE (where all the songs of artist Numakura Manami were performed) and expressed her gratitude with a smile, “It was an unfamiliar terrain, but thanks to everyone, I was able to do it. Thank you!”, tears came out while looking back to her activities as an artist supported by a lot of fans.

Then, she continued saying, “I was an awkward person to say to myself, ‘Stay here’. Since I started this activity, I felt like I found the place where I truly belong. I had the feeling that someone was saying to me ‘Live your life in this way’. Thank to everyone here, I was able to continue my life as artist Numakura Manami. Thank you again”.

Numakura, who wiped out her tears, surprised the audience saying, “Don’t you think it would be better concluding Nu-san's live with everyone in laugh and cheers?”, and then singing the last familiar song “HEY!” with the chorus part “Oh Oh!” in it.
In the hall, everyone burst into cheers. In the meantime, the bandmaster Iga Takurou stopped playing the keyboard halfway and went to the front of the stage joining the other dancers.

After finishing the song, Numakura showed a beaming smile along with the other performers and then left the last words, “Thank you!” with her raw voice. The FINAL LIVE of over three hours has finally ended.