Feb. 17 is “Angels' Whispers Commemoration Day”.

Angels' Whispers is another name for diamond dust, which happens when the water vapor in the air freezes. The day was established in 1994 to commemorate Feb. 17, 1978, when Moshiri, Horokanai-chou, Hokkaido, reached -41.2 degrees Celcius, which was the lowest temperature recorded in Japan.

When you hear the word “Angels' Whispers”, many of you may think of voice actors. Their voices, breathing life into the characters, are sometimes called the voices of angels. So who is the voice actor that have the voice of an angel?

Here at Anime!Anime!, we had the same survey as last year, asking the readers, “Who is the voice actor with the voice of an angel?”.
During the voting period of Feb. 3 to Feb. 10, we had received 191 votes.
The male-female ratio was 40% male, 60% female, leaning a bit towards females. The age range was on the younger side with 40% being under 19 and 35% being in their 20s.

■A gathering of the voice actors with healing voices
Taking 1st place is Hanazawa Kana-san with approximately 11% of the votes.

She received votes from both genders saying, “Hanazawa-san's whispers are, without a doubt, the voice of angel!”, “Her gentle voice wraps around me and even I as a female feel like she's going to steal my heart.”
Some comments referred to specific titles and characters such as; “Angel (Tachibana Kanade) from 'Angel Beats!' left a big impression”, “She nailed Koharu from 'Pokémon'”, “Her singing 'Love Circulation' in 'Bakemonogatari' is so cute”

Coming in 2nd place is Minase Inori-san with approximately 7% of the vote.

“She gave Rem from 'Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World' such a cute voice. Her voice was just like an angel to me.” and “I like her cute voice which healed me.” were some comments for her.
Her singing voice was popular too with comments like “Her singing voice in the collaboration commercial with Kirin Lemon was impressive.”

3rd place went to Satou Satomi-san with approximately 6% of the votes.

There were many comments like “Her voice is transparent and beautiful, embracing you gently and heals you. This is exactly the voice of an angel.” Since “Hyouka”, which she voiced the heroine in, is having a re-run on BS11, comments such as “I once again realized that Eru's transparent voice is that of an angel.” were also seen.

Aoi Shouta-san and Murase Ayumu-san came in 4th and 5th to represent the male voice actors. They both have a wide range in their tone that they can even voice for female characters.
“I really think he's an angel when he sings in his high-tone voice!” was for Aoi-san and, “He has a wide range of voice from a pure and innocent angel to a fallen angel.” was for Murase-san.

Various voice actors were ranked in this survey, either for having a voice that you can't help but feel healed or for having had voiced an angel character. It's interesting that many of them are also active as a singer.

■Ranking Top 20
【Who is the voice actor with the voice of an angel? 2020 edition】
1. Hanazawa Kana
2. Minase Inori
3. Satou Satomi
4. Aoi Shouta
5. Murase Ayumu
6. Hayami Saori
7. Tachibana Shinnosuke
7. Mimori Suzuko
9. Itou Miku
9. Ogura Yui
9. Kayano Ai
9. Yonaga Tsubasa
13. Kugimiya Rie
13. Morohoshi Sumire
13. Noto Mamiko
16. Amamiya Sora
16. Kanemoto Hisako
16. Kamiya Hiroshi
16. Kusunoki Tomori
16. Saitou Souma
16. Sakurai Takahiro
16. Sawashiro Miyuki
16. Shimamoto Sumi
16. Tange Sakura
16. Mizuki Nana
16. Miyano Mamoru
16. Yuuki Aoi

(Voting Period: Feb. 3 to Feb. 10, 2020)