RAISE A SUILEN, a band from “BanG Dream!” held a solo live titled “Craziness” at Shizuoka Ecopa Arena on Feb. 9. There were more than 13.443 audiences including live viewers.

RAISE A SUILEN (RAS) is a girls band formed in 2018 which includes the members; Layer (voiced by Raychell), Gt. LOCK (voiced by Kohara Riko), Dr. MASKING (voiced by Natsume), Key. PAREO (voiced by Kurachi Reo), and DJ CHUCHU (voiced by Tsumugi Risa).
They have succeeded in large-scale live performances since their formation, attracting many fans with their intense staging and strong and sharp music that combines electronica and loud band sounds.

“Craziness”, which is the first live of RAS in 2020, started with “DRIVE US CRAZY” as the top batter.
The explosive number combined with the powerful voice of Raychell and the rap part of Tsumugi was a start fitting for the live title that brought up the heat from the crowd instantly.

After that, two RAS-like songs were performed, “A DECLARATION OF ×××” and “UNSTOPPABLE”.
Kohara and Kurachi who were playing while dancing brilliantly, Natsume’s high-performance drum play, and DJ Tsumugi who is considered as the pivot of RAS sound, blew their fans away with their music and visual, heating up the stage even more.

As if responding to that, the audience's headbanging was also intensifying, with the venue being dyed in RAS color turquoise blue.
During the introduction of the members in between the musical performances, which were the real thrill of RAS Live, they showed their techniques firmly gripping their fans’ heart. Their large number of techniques could only be performed with solid technical skills.

After the introduction of members, the music cover section began. During the first song “Hitori no Yoru”, fans shouted in unison “Lonely, Lonely”, and the excitement kept rising with the next cover “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou”.
After that, the band started singing cheerfully a nonstop mix of songs of other groups that appeared in “BanG Dream!”, including “Goka! Gokai!? Phantom Thief!”, “Don't be afraid”, “Y.O.L.O!!!!!”, and “Mou Ichido Luminous”.
Especially in “Mou Ichido Luminous”, Kurachi’s solo performance with the keyboard reminded PAREO of her admiration for Pastel*Palettes, delighting the band dreamer.

The live’s first half finished off with the song “Takin' my Heart”. Raychell sang in a slow tune expressing feelings between loneliness and strength, which inspired the fans.

In the second half, which a few minutes break in between, when the group members were shown on the screen wearing a T-shirt with “Craziness” printed on it, the melody “Invincible Fighter” started flowing at the same time.
The venue raised their excitement in response to Raychell's high-tone voice, and after fascinating the fans with solo performances in the order of Raychell, Kurachi, Natsume, Kohara, and Tsumugi, they started playing “HELL! or HELL?”. The fans were able to witness quite a few techniques they've adopted as if it weren't already enough.

Then, they dropped “SOUL SOLDIER” in response to the provocation, “Can you still keep up?”. It is a completely original song that was first unveiled at the end of 2019’s live, which makes this performance its second debut.
The melody which has a feeling of scampering typical of RAS, the rhythmical rapping of Tsumugi, and the RAS-like powerful lyrics such as “Don’t let anyone take you away” and “Walk on your own path” are characteristic of the song, illuminating the path the band took.

After that, they continued with “Gekidou” and “EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'”, finishing with “RIOT” which can be said to be the very origin of the band. Fans responded with all their energy to RAS's all-out performance until the end, leaving a lingering heat in the crowd.
During the interval in-between the live, RAS announced their challenge to the stage “We are RAISE A SUILEN -BanG Dream! The Stage-“. It is the first stage of the “BanG Dream!” project, and future events can also be expected.

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Photo: Fukuoka Ryouji, Hata Satoshi