Roselia under “BanG Dream!” had its first live concert “Rausch” without any supporting groups at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, Tokyo, on Feb. 1. There were 17,612 audiences including live streaming.

The members of Roselia are; Aiba Aina as Minato Yukina, Kudou Haruka as Hikawa Sayo, Nakashima Yuki as Imai Lisa, Sakuragawa Megu as Udagawa Ako, and Shizaki Kanon as Shirokane Rinko. Their songs with strong messages and their cool and dark stage performance fascinate the fans.

“Rausch” is Roselia’s first live concert in 2020 without any supporting groups. The members came on stage with “Fantaisie-Impromptu” by Chopin in the background, and the concert started with excited cheers from the fans.

They began with their signature song “BLACK SHOUT”. The rock tune with a strong sense of their style brought up the heat of the crowd. They followed with “R”, a song that begins with Nakashima’s Bass solo. Sakuragawa’s powerful drums and the members’ soulful performance heated the fans even more.

The members were introduced in between the song “Neo-Aspect”. Their performance linking with the music video projected on the screen fascinated the fans, and Shizaki’s skillful keyboard solo announced the beginning of “Ringing Bloom”.
The next song, “Re: birth day” is a song filled with the 5 members’ passion to always aim for the top. The crowd burst into cheers when Aiba and Kudou looked at each other as if they were sharing thoughts.

During the stage bantering, Sakuragawa and Shizaki had a unique riddle relating to the members’ names. The gap between their bold performance and their charming stage banter, which puts a smile on the fans’ faces, is another aspect that makes Roselia so attractive.

Next, the members called on all the audience, including the ones viewing the live streaming. The crowd responded with a big cheer and “BRAVE JEWEL”, the opening theme of”BanG Dream! 2nd Season” was performed. In the next song, “Determination Symphony”, Kudou changed her guitar to Hina’s, just like in the anime, and her mind-blowing solo shook the hearts of the fans, and continued into “ONENESS”.

After the video during the interlude, the first song of the latter half, “Legendary”, brought back the heat in the crowd.
During the following cover of “Shangri-La”, Aiba started swinging a towel, which was the first for Roselia. The crowd responded by swinging their towels wildly as if they were showing their excitement.

Fans rose again with cheers to the question, “Can you still keep up?”, from Aiba. Roselia went on with two songs in a row, “PASSIONATE ANTHEM” and “Nesshoku Starmine”, with passion as much as the crowd. The heat keeps rising from the overwhelming performance that “always aims for the top”, and the crowd goes even wilder when the song of Roselia’s soul, “FIRE BIRD”, begins.

Their latest song, “Yakusoku” (10th single), was dropped as an encore. As the lyrics “Mirai e Tsuzuku Michi wo Arukou” (Let’s walk the path that leads to the future), the song symbolizes Roselia taking a new step towards the future. The crowd was especially excited by the duet between Aiba and Nakashima.
They finished with “LOUDER” filled with their gratitude and determination, leaving a lingering heat in the crowd.

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Photo: Hata Satoshi