The original character project “Poccolies” will have an one minute short animations that will air every week for a year starting in Apr. 2020.

The cast of voice actors was also announced, with Morikawa Toshiyuki playing the main character Patsuhiko, and includes Hayama Shota, Furuhata Ai, Matsumoto Rika, Iwasaki Ryouta, Kohara Riko, and Aira Rin.

“Poccolies” is an original character project from Sony Digital Entertainment Services about the merry daily lives of merry creatures who enjoy meals and music with their full bellies.

Since starting an official Twitter account in Aug. 2018, they've had several projects such as selling stamps on “Line”, holding an event at “SHOWROOM”, being a free theme on “NAVITIME”, and so on.

The anime will consist of “one-minute short animations that will make you laugh and feel at ease”. Kachidoki Studios is in charge of the production. The voice actors are Morikawa Tomoyuki as the main character Patsuhiko, Hayama Shouta as Hamu, Furuhata Ai as Panda-chan, Matsumoto Rika as Oyakan-sama, Iwasaki Ryouta as Kangaroo-shi, Kohara Riko as Shiro-chan, and Aira Rin as Nioi-san. In addition, the voice actor for Niwatori is still a “Secret”.

The short animation “Poccolies” will air as one-minute shorts with a total of 50 episodes from Apr. 2020 on BS Nippon Corporation, Asahi Television Broadcasting, Animax, and others. It will also stream on Animax On Demand.