Japan's first Fukuoka Prefecture based Tokusatsu series “DOGENGERS”, featuring a gathering of Fukuoka's heroes will be broadcast on KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) from Apr. 12, 2020.
“Heroes working for a community” and “Tokusatsu professionals” tag together in order to create a works that shows “children as heroes protecting families' health”.

“DOGENGERS” is a Tokusatsu series produced as part of the realization of a sustainable society, and based on the third global goal of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), “Good Health and Well-being”.
By creating the show's original drug notebook, “Yakuiku Notebook”, and distributing for free a total of 1 million copies of it to nationwide pharmacies, children can check their family's medication status while appealing for the dissolution of leftover medicines, in order to become heroes in protecting families' health.

The heroes and monsters that appear in the series include; FukuokaliburProject's “Fukuokalibur”, Yahata Constructions and BraveProject's “Tengen no Yuusha Elbrave”, Yamashiro Gas's “Sales Department Hero Section Yamashiron”, Ohga Pharmacy's “Yakuzai Senshi Ohgaman”, KitaQmanProject's “Kitakyuman”, and the Aku no Himitsu Kessha's “Yabai Kamen”. In addition, new heroes from Dogengers Production Executive Committee have also participated.

Arakawa Fumie, who worked as assistant director in “Tokusatsu Gagaga” and “Secret × Warrior Phantomirage! “, will be leading as the Tokusatsu Industry's first female director, while the Aku no Himitsu Kessha, who has been fighting the heroes of this work for the past four years, will be in charge of the screenplay.
Arakawa's full-fledged work, which is about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her career, is expected to be a story that draws out the strong points and the sense of justice of each hero.

“DOGENGERS” will be broadcast on KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) for a total of 12 episodes from Apr. 12, 2020 to Jun. 28, 2020, every Sunday from 10:00.
To commemorate the broadcast, a campaign, in the series's official Twitter account, is being held where the prize is Amazon gift voucher of 1,000 yen, and the number of winners will increase as the number of retweets increases.