Information regarding the main staff and main cast for the anime “Gyaru and Dinosaur” (Broadcast starts in Apr, 2020) were announced along with two key visuals.
The main staff includes Sudou Koutarou, Aoki Jun (Space Neko Company), Gin (BUSTED ROSE), Kamikaze Douga, and the same staff as the anime “Pop Team Epic”. Meanwhile Shimabukuro Miyuri, Natsuyoshi Yuuko, Kudoh Youki, and Yamashita Seiichirou will be joining as the voice actors.

The “Gyaru and Dinosaur” was originally adapted from a manga of the same name serialized in Kodansha's “Young Magazine”. It depicts a “timeless room share” between a Gyaru and a Dinosaur, furthermore, an anime and live-action adaptation have been announced to be in Apr, 2020.

The main staff for the anime “Gyaru and Dinosaur” includes the series composer and series director Aoki Jun (Space Neko Company), the music will be handled by Gin (BUSTED ROSE), the animation production by Space Neko Company and Kamikaze Douga, and the staff from the anime “Pop Team Epic” which are all in line. The chief producers are Sudou Koutarou and Furukawa Makoto.
In addition, Shimabukuro Miyuri will play the role of the gyaru, Kaede, Natsuyoshi Yuuko will play the role of the main character's friend, Yamada, Kudoh Youki will play the senpai from the protagonist's part-time job, and Yamashita Seiichirou will play the boyfriend, Shota.

The anime “Gyaru and Dinosaur” will begin broadcast in April 2020.
Also, it was announced for the live-action adaptation that Sudou Koutarou will be handling the series composition and HALO will be in charge of the production.

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