Mori Moriko and Tomomu Murakota have teamed up to release the first promotional video for the anime adaption of “Gal to Kyouryuu” (Gyaru and Dinosaur). “Gal to Kyouryuu” (a manga serialized in Weekly Young Magazine), will be brought to life through a combination of animation and live-action stop motion. The broadcast is set to start in Apr. 2020.

Gal to Kyouryuu” story is that of a “timeless roommate” comedy, featuring the gyaru, Kaede, and the dinosaur she drunkenly invited to her room one day. The anime adaption will consist of two-part 30-minute episodes, of which the first half will be regular animation, with the second part being live-action (or more precisely, stop motion animation).

This time, a promotional video for the anime was revealed. The voice of the main character, Kaede, and the opening theme “Dinosaur Agemizawa☆” were also released (“Agemizawa” is teen slang for being happy, or getting excited, a suitable phrase for our gyaru main character).

The main staff for “Gal to Kyouryuu” includes Aoki Jun (Space Cat Company) as story editor and director and Gin (BUSTED ROSE) for music. Space Neko Company, Kamikaze Douga and the team behind “Pop Team Epic” will tackle the animation of the show. The main character Kaede will be played by Shimabukuro Miyuri, while her friend Yamada will be played by Natsuyoshi Yuuko, finally, Kaede's boyfriend Shota will be played by Yamashita Seiichirō.

Anime “Gal to Kyouryuu” will start broadcast from Apr. 4, 2020.

(C) Mori Moriko ・ Tomi Murakota / Kodansha ・ King Records