It has been revealed that the TV anime “Mewkledreamy” will be broadcast on TV TOKYO from Apr. 2020. In addition, the voice actors such as Murakami Natsumi, Toyosaki Aki, and Kugimiya Rie, as well as the production team members were announced, along with comments received from Murakami, Toyosaki, and Kugimiya.

“Mewkledreamy” is a fantasy anime based on a Sanrio's kids' characters.
The story depicts the adventures of Hinata Yume, a cheerful and lively junior high school freshman who, together with a mysterious plush toy named Mew that has fallen out of the sky, start collecting “Dreamy Stones” which have the power to make wishes come true, while enjoying romance and club activities.

The cast includes; Murakami Natsumi voicing the protagonist Hinata Yume, Toyosaki Aki voicing Yume's partner Mew, and Kugimiya Rie voicing Yume's rival (?) Yuni. In addition, other fresh and impressive voice actors will join the cast, including Itou Ayasa, Kubo Yurika, Yukimura Eri, Kanemoto Hisako, Kuno Misaki, Fujiwara Natsumi, and Kobayashi Yuusuke.
Regarding the production team members, Kawada Ruka (known for “Is the Order a Rabbit” and “Kin-iro Mosaic”) will be in charge of the music, the singer/actress/voice actor Sawada Maria as the theme song's artist, and Hata Aki as the OP and ED lyrics composer.

TV anime “Mewkledreamy” will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from Apr. 2020.
In conjunction with the broadcast, original goods of “Mewkledreamy” and ” “Mewkledreamy Kira Kira Soap Bubble Party Design Series” will appear one after another.

<Full comments are below>
[Murakami Natsumi, the voice of Hinata Yume]

Since when I was a child, I filled up my room with Sanrio goods and grew up with Sanrio characters, so I'm very happy to be able to join this production and play such an important role as the protagonist.
I will do my best in order to make all the fans and children happy! I want to play the lively Hinata Yume with great energy! Please enjoy the anime!!

[Toyosaki Aki, the voice of Mew]

My favorite character Mew-chan is finally coming alive in an anime! It's a wonderful story full of dreams. If you are in trouble, rely on Mew-chan ☆ Mew-chan may come into your dreams! I hope Mewkledreamy will become an anime loved by many fans.

[Kugimiya Rie, the voice of Yuni ]

I yearn for a dreamy world of living with cute stuffed toys I can talk with, it makes me feel healed. I want many fans to watch it! The character I play is a mischievous boy stuffed toy full of energy. I want to play him in my own way, using my best vocal expressions while having great fun!

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