On February 24, “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime”, a very short anime in which voice actor Miyano Mamoru does his best to show how delicious “SagaMeshi (Food)”, reached the final night of its 10-night run.
To coincide with this, a “full version” of the previous 10 films, each of which is 30 seconds long, and a “more Miyano Mamoru” version, which features a lot of dialogue from Miyano-san, the star of the film, were released.

The “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime” was produced as a part of Saga Prefecture’s information dissemination project “Saga Prize!” It is a very short animation that shows how delicious and attractive 10 foods that Saga Prefecture is proud of are.
Among the many “Saga Meshi” such as “Takezaki Oysters” from the Ariake Sea, “Saga Beef(R)”, and “Saga Ramen”, we picked up mainly winter foods that are in season. With Miyano-san’s voice, the 10 ingredients were portrayed in a realistic and sizzling way for 10 consecutive days starting from February 15 at 23:00 midnight.

The “Complete Version” is a compilation of all 10 of the 30 second films in the series, and the ” Increasingly More Miyano Mamoru” is a gorgeous version with lots of Miyano-san’s dialogue.
In addition to the narration introducing the ingredients, Miyano-san is also in charge of the sounds of eating, such as the sound of noodles being slurped. The animation captures the truly delicious moments of “Saga Meishi”, and Miyano’s passionate performance with a sense of sizzle is worth watching.

Also, on the “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime” special website, a web video of Miyano-san talking about the charm and highlights of the anime “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime” has been released from 23:30 on February 24.

The video was filmed just before the release of the full version, and highlights include Miyano’s expression of superiority at being able to watch the work before anyone else, and a rare post recording scene where he sings the last word of the unfinished “Increasingly More Mamoru Miyano”. In the scene where he eats “Saga Meishi,” he actually puts the food in his mouth to create a realistic sizzle, and other production secrets are revealed.

Miyano-san, who is now completely captivated by “Saga Meishi”, also announced his favorite ingredients, and the scene where Miyano-san smiles and smacks his tongue at the ingredients is worth watching.

[Mamoru Miyano]
—- How do you feel about being a voice actor for the “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime”?
I’m really interested in Saga meishi. There are various specialties and it looks really delicious, so I had a strong desire to eat it while recording. I even want to eat it right now (lol).

—-Please tell us about some of the memorable episodes during the recording?
In order to create the “feeling of eating”, we actually used the ingredients and made sounds while recording. I’m sure everyone will think it looks delicious.

—- What are the main points of interest in the “23:00 Saga Meishi Anime”?
This time, rather than giving voices to the characters, we are trying to express the real scene or convey the atmosphere of eating, and the images are realistic animation. It’s not just a realistic picture, but a realistic picture that conveys the taste of the food.

—- Who do you want to see this anime?
People all over Japan (lol. The anime was made with the intention of promoting Saga meishi to people all over Japan, so I hope it will reach people all over the country.

—-Among the 10 Saga meishi “appearances”, what is the “food” that caught your attention?
Yudofu. I’m really interested in boiling it in hot spring water from Ureshino Onsen. My family owns a tofu shop, and I grew up eating yudofu during the winter season (lols). It’s so soft…it’s so soft in the anime, I wonder how soft it is in real life (lol).