It has been announced that TV anime “LISTENERS” will be broadcast from Apr. 2020 on MBS, TBS, Animeismm on BS-TBS.
A total of 25 characters and cast members including Takahashi Rie, Murase Ayumu, and Fukuyama Jun, were announced and Jin, Satou Dai, pomodorosa, and director Andou Hiroaki will take the major roles in production.

“LISTENERS” is an original TV animation which the creator Jin from “Kagerou Project” and the script writer Satou Dai from “Eureka Seven” collaborated, and the animation production will be directed by MAPPA, a studio known for “Zombie Land Saga”.
Echo, a garbage picker, and Myuu, a girl with an input outlet on her waist and has amnesia, meet and an unforgettable journey of “sound” begins.

The character visuals were done by pomodorosa, the character designer, and there are 25 casts for the characters.
Takahashi Rie will play Myuu, a “prayer” with amnesia, who has an input jack on her waist, Murase Ayumu will play Echo, a boy who picks up garbage for survival while admiring “prayers”, and Fukuyama Jun will play Jimi, a “prayer” who was severely injured at “Fes”, the big battle with “Miminashi”, a specie that attacked humans 10 years ago.
Various characters whom Myuu and Echo will meet throughout their journey will be played by casts including Yamadera Kouichi, Suwabe Junichi, Kugimiya Rie, and Hanazawa Kana.

A total of 12 ending theme songs will be produced and written by Jin, and sung by Myuu (CV: Takahashi Rie).
As the theme of the title states, “Juvenile symphony, like the excitement and happiness that rock music contains, and its soul circulate”, the quality of music will be a point to see.

TV anime “LISTENERS” will be aired from Apr. 2020 on MBS/TBS/BS-TBS “Animeism”.

<Full comments are listed below>
【Jin, original story writer and music producer】
There is a saying, “standing on the shoulder of a titan”, and this title is exactly what that saying means.
I worked hard on every episode, sound and moment.
I cannot wait to see the world this show depicts together with the audiences.

【Satou Dai, responsible for story draft and series structure】
As loud sounds can be created by connecting a guitar and an amp, and our project became bigger and bigger as more and more people participated.
“Sound” connected us, with different backgrounds, from different generations and working in different fields.
I hope the story that connected us will also connect with you and become an even louder “sound”.

【pomodorosa, character design】
I accepted the offer because they said that I can use any kind of musical easter eggs I wish.
I used the famous rock stars of all time, tributes of albums and concerts, easter eggs from music videos, etc.
But since an acquired taste is not an entertainment, I made the characters handsome, cute and funny for people who cannot find the easter eggs.

But that is also the same thing that our generation felt for the rock stars at the time.
We don' t understand what they are doing, but they looked cool and overwhelming.
I do not think there's logic there. In the end, I was trying to recreate that feeling.
It was me that asked to redo the characters for the reason that they are okay as a character, but do not seem to have enough glam.
Please feel that by looking at the “LISTENERS” characters who are not understandable but cool, cute, and interesting and if you feel it, that makes me happy.

【Andou Hiroaki, the director】
“LISTENERS” is set in the world of “rock music” that I love.
But it is unusual at the same time. It is like making the world of “rock” into wonderland.
Myuu as a “prayer”, a rock star who protects the world, and Echo who admires “prayers” meets and goes on a journey.
Grunge, funk, punk and other genres can be found in each episode.
Please go on a journey of “sound” together with Echo and Myuu.

(C)1st PLACE・Slow Curve・Story Riders/LISTENERS Production Commitee